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Construction Cleaning

The craftsmen were here – the renovation is completed! Now it is our turn! We remove everything: The protective foil, the construction waste, the oil stains on the floor, the concrete dust in the smallest crack or any other heavily sticking stains. For every kind of staining we have the applicable solution! Naturally we also complete the cleaning between construction phases.

Floor Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance of all floors. With most modern technology and special cleaning agents, we clean and maintain carpets, concrete or other stone floors, vinyl or tiles. Efficient, environmentally-friendly and lasting!

Facade Cleaning

A well-maintained facade protects the building ideally from environmental impacts and weather conditions. It significantly gives distinction to the appearance of a building. Therefore professional facade maintenance stands for maximum property conservation and increase in value. High quality requirements are needed for the cleaning of facades (sandblasting or high-pressure cleaner) and need to ensure the long-lasting effect. Older buildings need special, selected and gentle cleaning treatments. Special attention needs to be given to the basic structure of the building, the existing rocks as well as the individual damage. To ensure a long-term effective protection, an exact assessment and detailed planning before the start of the construction phase is an absolute must. That's how you recognize the professional!

Glass Service Cleaning

This includes, next to the classical window cleaning (with or without frames), also the cleaning of: Glass separation walls, glass blocks, glass roofs, message lights and other glass glazing. Even cleaning in high heights and in hard to reach places can be accomplished by the teamwork of experienced industrial climbers.

Janitorial Services / Property Services

Support, maintenance and care of objects, temporary or permanent, repairs, sweeping work, maintenance of outdoor facilities and green areas as well as the care for interior plants. Your properties are in good hands with our flexible and dependable janitorial services.

Hotel Services

We offer complete processing of all upcoming cleaning activities in and around the house for hotels and restaurants. Discreet and reliable.


Put the planning of your celebrations in our hands and enjoy a stress-free event. We plan and organize your celebration completely:

Escalator Cleaning

Escalators will be cleaned with our special equipment. Professional cleaning extends the life of your escalators and saves you money by avoiding expensive repairs. Naturally the cleaning service occurs after hours!

Staircase Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if bi-weekly or monthly; we sweep and wipe the facility from the basement to the roof. Floors, floor mats, hand railings, windows and doors and naturally also the mailboxes and doorbell surfaces.

Routine Maintenance Cleaning

The routine maintenance cleaning services are performed in established intervals. It is important to know the timeframes of the normal course of the work day in order to individually select the intervals for each customer. The intervals need to be selected in such a way that no interruptions to the work are created by the cleaning services.

Winter Services

We are here and ready to go when winter approaches! We clear ice and snow off stairs, surfaces, streets and roads. Around the clock, that goes without saying!